Build and Launch your Info Product in 14 days

A step by step playbook for creating, launching and promoting an educational product in 2 weeks. 

Works for eBooks, courses, guides and more.

💪 Do it in 30 minutes a day
🤗 Exclusive Community for feedback and support (50+ members).
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"Converts complex tasks into simple processes"

Building an Info Product is Hard

There are challenges at every step that you don't know

Where to start? What to create?

Where to start? What to create?

 How will you market your product?

Playbook is here to help through all the challenges

A proven step by step approach

Tasks and exercises to help you at every step.

A helpful community for feedback and support

What They're Saying

Yunus Ertürk

UI designer | Front-end developer


"This playbook converts complex tasks into simple and more manageable processes. It's very clear, well-organized, and consistent. And definitely helpful as an accelerator. It’s a chance to work with Ayush, and I strongly recommend him."

Kade Uy

Creator Coach and Consultant


"You have to get this playbook!
Ayush walks you through the process thoroughly and helps you have a very clear vision for your product.
Whats even better is you think this only helps you build your info product but because the insights and questions he asks are so on-point, you get a clearer vision for your overall brand."

Rahul Arandhara

Design and NoCode expert


"With the help of this playbook I've launched my first digital product as freebie 🚀🚀🚀

Also, got my 1st 1$ on Gumroad😃"

What You’ll Learn 

How to Create your Info Product

  • Scope your product perfectly

  • Make it helpful, valuable and actionable

  • Pick the right format and tools at every step

How to Position your Product and Stand out

  • "Productize" your unique expertise

  • Solve a painful problem for your ideal users

  • Stand out in a crowded market

How to Price and Market your Product

  • Test and validate before launch

  • Make a "no brainer" offer to your audience

  • Pricing Strategies to boost revenue

Who is this for?


  • Showcase your expertise

  • Monetize your knowledge

  • Grow your audience

Industry Experts

  • Productize Your Skill

  • Boost Your Credibility

  • Build a Personal Brand


  • Generate Leads for your business

  • Delight your customers

  • Validate your assumptions

What's Inside

Daily Lessons

  • Step by step approach

  • Actionable content

  • Proven frameworks that work

Exercises, Templates and Cheatsheets

  • Tasks so you make progress towards your goals

  • Templates and cheatsheets to make it easy at every step

  • A Notion Dashboard to manage the entire process.

Private community

  • An invite-only Discord group of like minded creators

  • Daily updates and checkins

  • Feedback, support and accountability

3 Ways You Can Do It

Do it yourself, Do it with community or Do it with ME!

Do it Yourself 


14 Day Email Course 🚀

1 Daily Exercise

Do it with Community 


Instant access to the entire playbook with all the lessons, exercises and templates

14 Day Email Course 🚀

3 Daily Exercises 

Exclusive Community Membership

Weekly Office Hours

Bonus Templates and Cheatsheets

Do it with Me


Instant access to the entire playbook with all the lessons, exercises and templates

2 Private strategy sessions

1:1 feedback, support and accountability

14 Day Email Course 🚀

3 Daily Exercises 

Exclusive Community Membership

Weekly Office Hours

Bonus Templates and Cheatsheets

More Love for the Playbook


Creator connector, Cofounder - All Things Notion


"Learn what it TRULY means to become an Action-Taker"

"I learned quite a bit about ‘action-taking’ and what it TRULY means to become an ‘action-taker’.
What started as an exploration into how I could translate my talent for information-gathering into a profitable (or—viable) product, quickly evolved into an exercise in efficiency and self-education.
The MOST IMPACTFUL piece of ACTIONABLE CONTENT Ayush delivers in this practical, daily digest of self-directed discipline is the “Information-Action Framework”.
This framework single-handedly transformed my point-of-view on how I can exponentially increase my productivity and output by scaling back and focusing on ‘doing less to achieve more’.
While this isn’t a new concept—I have read similar recommendations by authors—Ayush’s unique voice and charismatic approach to making digital business development approachable, practical and palatable.
Following the 14-day Formula, I have begun to solidify a systemized infrastructure online for attracting attention and interest; building desire for deliverables; and, ultimately, creating a community of customers and clients that rave about the concise, experience and outcomes.
In following Ayush’s ‘14-Day Playbook’ I’ve realized my journey in a daily journal.

The regular practice has resulted in a micro-course + training created w/ Notion + Zoom + Facebook Group.
A simple pivot from my original idea.
The FB Group Accountability Call allowed me the opportunity to learn what skills + tools training was REALLY needed."

Meet the Founder

Hey there 👋 I am Ayush, I'm a Product Consultant, Writer and a Creator-Entrepreneur.

I quit corporate slavery back in August 2021 to work for myself and build a business around my lifestyle.

Since then I've created 12+ products and multiple service businesses.

I beleive info products are a great way for anyone to add value to the world. 

Your knowledge, skills and expertise are unique and valuable.  

And an info product is the best way to bring them into the world.

So what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me?

Do you want to share your knowledge, expertise and skills with the world in the form of an informational or educational product? If yes, then this is perfect for you.

Is this a Playbook or a Challenge?

This is a step by step playbook delivered as 14 day email challenge. Byte sized daily lessons are the best way to get results. That's why this playbook is broken up into a challenge.

Can I get the Playbook directly?

Yes, you can get the entire playbook instantly when you buy the "Do it with ME" plan. 

When does the challenge start?

The next iteration starts 10th November 2022.

When does it end?

It ends November 23rd 2022.

I have more questions

Sure, send me an email, DM me on Twitter or use the chat icon in the bottom right corner to ask your question. Happy to help 🤗

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